About LLC Dawson

About us

DAWSON SHIP MANAGEMENT SIA established in 2018 and located in Riga, Latvia with focus on the operation of general cargo vessels.

For the period of time we expanded and built a reputation for quality ship management for third parties. We provide the full spectrum of ship management services including technical management, commercial management, consultancy, purchasing and surveys, marine legal and insurance issues, finance and accounting, crew management, vessel registration, etc.

The focus is on operational excellence against a fair remuneration, rather than on size of the managed fleet. Our Safety Management System meets International and National requirements and standards for safe operation of the vessels. We are certified by RINA (as IACS member) and hold Document of Compliance for management of the ships.

Our mission

Our mission is to keep our customers and partners satisfied by providing them with the high quality, safe operation, environmental friendly and economical management of their ships, complying to their needs and expectations and in full compliance with International and National requirements and standards.

Our vision of being the most reliable, secure and efficient shipping company offering privileged and quality services via the most talented employees and quality hi-tech vessels is consistent with the strategy that we always put into effect, which focuses in the achievement of the following specific goals:

  • Increase our competitiveness via improved effectiveness and efficiency and minimization of costs and optimize profitability
  • Opening new shipping areas according to the needs of our customer
  • Provide service excellence via efficient, high-quality, reliable and secure services
  • Compliance with quality standards, pursuing a zero-defect and error policy
  • Compliance with environmental legislation, pursuing a zero-spillage policy
  • Compliance with health & safety regulation, pursuing a zero-accident policy
  • Continuously invest in our people by developing their skills and providing them with an environment that is characterized by constant and open communication, transparency and equal opportunities for career advancement

Our mission is also to continuously invest in our Human Capital for securing professional and high quality service to the best of our abilities and standards, while our strong sense of social and environmental responsibility will be reflected in our business practices.

Our Values that underpin our day-to-day activities and operations are:

    • Integrity
    • Transparency
    • Professionalism
    • Customer Orientation
    • People Orientation
    • Continuous Development
    • Teamwork & Trust
    • Safety
    • Environmental & Social Responsibility
    • Quality
    • Reliability
    • Efficiency
    • Innovation
    • Accountability

Our Policy

Our Policy developed and implemented in the company and on board the managed ships ensures that company goals being achieved in the most effective way. The Company provides all necessary resources for the implementation of this policy ashore and on board the ships.

Our Policy:


Our Quality Policy provides effective and professional ship management services that will meet our client’s needs, requirements and expectations, compliances to International and National requirements.

The objectives of our Quality Policy are:
  • To gain the confidence of our clients, seafarers and the maritime industry in general;
  • To be recognized as a trustworthy and dependable ship management Company in shipping industry;
  • To carry out ship management services in a professional, efficient and safe manner, to meet the requirements of ISM, ISO 9001, applicable International and National laws, rules, regulations and guidelines.
These objectives are achieved by:
  • Setting measurable and meaningful Quality objectives;
  • Adopting a pro-active approach concerning needs of its clients and being responsive to their comments, requests, suggestions and complaints, trying always to improve the value of its service and have customers satisfaction;
  • Training all personnel, on board and ashore, in the use of the Quality and Safety Management System, in order to have it fully understood implemented and maintained at all levels;
  • Encouraging all personnel to participate actively in the continuous improvement cycle by preventing, detecting and reporting non-conformities in order to learn lessons and to prevent recurrence;
  • Recognizing and adapting the Continuous Improvement Cycle:
    • Plan: Developing plans that include effective strategies and provide clarity in company policies, purpose, processes, roles and responsibilities.
    • Act: Work to achieve the organization’s objectives by consistent implementation of plans.
    • Measure: Check, evaluate and feed back information on results achieved.
    • Improve: Define targets and focus efforts on areas where maximum benefit and improvement can be obtained.

Health and Safety

Our company conducts business with integrity and in accordance with all International, National and local laws, relevant Flag State Administrations and Classification Societies and other relevant regulatory bodies and always in accordance with the highest Industry Practices in order to achieve Health and Safety Excellence.

Our Health and Safety Policy ensures safe and healthy working environment for all employees, minimize the risk of injury to all those on board our vessels, prevent accidents and work-related illnesses.

The objectives of our Health and Safety Policy are:
  • To provide safe and healthy practices in ship operations;
  • To provide a healthy and safe working environment;
  • Preventing loss of life, property and damage;
  • To establish safeguards against all identified risks;
  • To continuously improve the competence and skills of personnel ashore and on board the vessels;
  • To be prepared to respond to any kind of emergencies.
These objectives are achieved by:
  • Undertaking all necessary steps to achieve safety in accordance with the requirements of the IMO Convention of the Safety of Life at Sea, the International Safety Management Code and other International, National and Classification rules and requirements.
  • Continuously reviewing and updating the Quality and Safety Management System both ashore and on board;
  • Employing qualified seafarers, experienced with the ship's type and trade;
  • Onboard familiarization and refresher training on the use of the safety equipment, the application of safe working practices and on risks involved in the type, trade and operation of the vessel;
  • Identifying training needs and providing relevant training on board and ashore;
  • Maintaining safety equipment to remain in good working condition;
  • Regular on-board safety and health inspections by company certified Superintendents;
  • Setting up an efficient ship-shore reporting system for safety and health matters;
  • Promoting employee participation in measures aimed to achieve the company's commitment to health and safe working excellence;
  • Ensuring that experiences gained in respect to safety and health are shared throughout the Company;

Environment protection

Our company accords a very high priority to conserving and protecting the environment. We have sense of responsibility to undertake all possible actions for preventing any kinds of pollution and ensure compliance with environmental legislation and regulations at sea.

We place a high emphasis to conserving and protecting the environment and more specific on personal, occupational and environmental health, therefore top management it is committed to continuous improvement and prevention pollution.

The objectives of our Environment protection Policy are:
  • Preventing any kind of environmental pollution and damages to the environment;
  • Reducing the impact resulting from ship’s activities on the environment;
  • Energy conservation and efficient ship’s bunker consumption;
  • Preserving and protecting the natural resources.
These objectives are achieved by:
  • Complying with all applicable environmental legislation and regulatory controls;
  • Encouraging respect and responsibility from all employees towards the environment;
  • Join efforts with society and other organizations for protection of the world’s environment;
  • Monitoring and periodic reviewing of environmental protection measures.

Drug and Alcohol abuse

Drug and Alcohol intoxication leads to risk of personal safety and operation of the vessel. We pay high attention to avoidance of all the risks related to Drug and Alcohol abuse. We strictly prohibit to our employees to use alcohol and drugs during the all employment agreement, prohibit carrying out duties whilst impaired by alcohol or any illegal or non-prescriptive drugs. We dismissing any employee found to be breaking these company rules.

Our team

Our team comprises of high educated, experienced and professional team members what allows us effectively undertake our activities in management of the vessels in the most quality, safe operation, environmental friendly and economical way, complying with customers needs and expectations, and in full compliance with International and National requirements and standards.

Our shore based key tem members are persons who have long term sea and shore based working experience in respectable ship management companies of the world, experience in ship’s surveys and Classification Society representatives.


Technical Management

We provide full quality technical management for reefer/dry and wet vessels in the most economical way complying with customers expectations.

That includes everything from qualified technical support to an unparalleled crew management package designed to relieve owners of the workload related to the manning of their vessels as well as the supervision of dry dockings and major repairs, purchasing, supplies, vessel inspection and budget control.

Service delivery is underpinned by a rigorous approach to safety, security and environmental protection as part of our company Polices.

Our Technical Department is competent in dealing with marine projects, dockyards and classification societies anywhere in the world. Latest technology on deck, on the bridge and in the engine room is continuously being evaluated and followed up.

Commercial Management

Our company has long term relationships and successful working experience with most recognized reefer market companies of the world. The relationships are based on good partnersy relation and successful project implementation.

Our Commercial Department is familiar with latest market results. We are always ready to provide assistance in market analyze, cargo searches and ship broking services to our clients to ensure shipowner’s income.


We have experience and necessary team qualifications to assist our clients in following marine consultancy segments:

  • Company / Vessel and Mortgage Registration in Flag;
  • Selection of convenient Flag for ship’s trade;
  • Ship Surveys;
  • Sale and Purchase;
  • Market Research;
  • Commercial Administration;
  • Advice on Projects and Project Management;
  • Insurance and Marine claims;
  • Demolition;
  • Bunkering and Lub.Oil supplies;
  • Dry docking and ship’s repair supervision;
  • Ship supplies and spare parts deliveries.

We are always glad to provide consultancy services to our clients to meet their expectations.

Purchasing and Surveys

We have successful experience in ship’s purchasing and surveys. Our Superintendents are certified professionals in ship’s technical condition and her mechanism maintenance and supervision. Long sea and shore based working experience and certification allows them fast and professionally to carry ship’s survey, identify technical condition of ship’s machinery, evaluate cost of repairs and spare parts due to replace, hidden defects, etc.

Our partners are certified ship’s evaluation surveyors what allows us to carry out pre-purchase ship’s survey and provide technical survey report with ship’s value information confirmed by certified evaluator. This is essential for any customer to have independent ship’s technical condition survey information and ship’s existing value confirmed by certified evaluator as ship’s pre-purchase information.

Our Purchase Department is professional in spare parts supplies for various ships types and her machinery. We have integrated purchase system run in the company and worldwide relationships with spare parts manufacturers, distributors, dry docks, shipchandlers and logistic companies. This allows us to manage ship’s spare parts ordering, forwarding in the fastest and economical way.

Finance and Accounting

Last market trends are analyzed by our Finance Department. Our Analyst day to day verify shipping market developments, follow bunker prices, ship’s demolition costs and charter rates. This allows us timely and efficiently feels any changes in the world market and takes necessary timely actions to ensure stable ship’s earnings and make benefit to shipowners.

Our integrated accounting system and experienced marine accountants allows us efficiently run ship’s budget in accordance to our customers expectations.

Crew Management

We cooperate with various certified crew manning agencies in Latvia, Ukraine, Russia. Our long successful cooperation with crew agencies allows us to employ good certified, qualified and experienced crew members to ships managed by our company.

All the employed crew members are briefed by our Safety and Technical Departments before signing of the contract and direction to the vessel. Each crew member’s personal certificates of competency are checked for validity and legality. Appropriate training provided and arranged by our company to ensure crew professionalism and readiness to any situation at sea including continuous professional knowledge’s improvements.

We manage crew selection, direction to vessel, repatriation, trainings, agreement signing as agents on behalf of owners, salary payments to crew accounts in accordance to individual employment agreement, other crew related matters.

We deal with international marine travel agencies, what allows us to arrange cost effective flight tickets for crew member’s direction to/from vessel.

Crew employee attention:

All direct applications to the Personnel Department are welcomed and will be forwarded to the manning agent in the country of the seafarer's residence. In individual cases, the Personnel Departments will handle the applications themselves, when there is no manning agent in the country of the seafarer's residence. The completed job applications can be sent to our company e-mail located in “Contacts” paragraph.


We welcome all new partners and investors interesting in shipping sector and willing to implement high quality management on board the owned vessels, improve and implement effective and cost saving ship’s exploitation, delivery on board professional crew, provide ship with permanent commercial employment and ensure benefits.

All our managed vessels are owned by private individuals from all over Europe. All our investors and partners benefit from our management services and appreciate the first class and exclusive management services and the transparency provided and therefore accept a good management fee in exchange.

Our Partners

  • Wartsila
    Wärtsilä is a global leader in complete lifecycle power solutions for the marine and energy markets, power plants manufacturer.
  • MAN B&W
    MAN Diesel & Turbo is the world market leader for large diesel engines for use in ships and power stations, and is one of the three leading suppliers of turbo machines.
  • Wilhelmsen
    Wilhelmsen Marine Aervices is leading maritime service provider offering a wide range of products and services delivered including agent services, safety and refrigeration services, chemical and gas supply services, spare and marine repair services.
  • Thomas Gunn
    Thomas Gunn is leading British Admiralty nautical paper and electronic charts and publications distributor in the world’s market; nautical equipment distributor and compass adjustment company.
  • Jotun
    Jotun is one of the world's leading manufacturers of marine paints, coatings and powder coatings.
  • Seaway Marine
    Seaway Marine is one of the ship supplier leaders in Europe with wide range of products available.
  • Lubmarine
    Total Lubmarine one of the leaders in marine market providing with quality lubricants and greases, associated with first-class service.
  • Hansa Electronics
    Hansa Electronics is professional is authorized Radio Navigation company of a number world leading marine hardware and software manufactures.
  • ZOND
    Company main activities are – logistics, warehouse and office rent, vessel repair and supply all around the globe.

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